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This is the art page of the artist Ika Hügel-Marshall.

Enjoy viewing the drawings, also printed as patterns on T-Shirts, enjoy the wood sculptures, and book covers. The graphics can also be acquired as postcards and placemats. Click here for newer drawings!

A new booklet from the last exhibition of Ika’s work is available for purchase (only in German at this time). Please contact Dr. Dagmar Schultz for details.

Book CoversColor Graphics •  WoodT-shirts Placemats

Artistic career

She developed her artistic skills self-taught. 40 years ago she started as the owner of a wool shop with imaginative designs for sweaters. From this early inspiration her graphic drawings emerged, which captivate with their intense colors, organic shapes and dynamic abstractions. They almost challenge transmission to a wide variety of media.

The color graphics have been used in a variety of ways: as book covers and postcards, as prints for notebooks and T-shirts, picture frames, woodenstools, wooden boxes, puzzles and placemats. The graphics can also be acquired as table sets. Ika also worked with wood. Her sculptures remain close to the organic shape of the piece of wood and express its versatile abstract features in a lively way.

Ika’s work show an extraordinary synthesis of shape, form and message, regardless of the medium in which she worked.

If you are interested in any of her work, if you want to arrange an exhibition, or if you would like to see more of her drawings or sculptures, contact us.