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Several exhibitions were shown in Berlin and in the USA, more are in planning.

  In the Past
Durch Farbe ins Leben   Durch Farbe ins Leben
Berlin 14. Januar – 31. März 2023
Durch Farbe ins Leben, Dr. Dagmar Schultz, 2023   Through Color into Life
Berlin January 14 – March 31, 2023
MOR: a collective exhibtion of black lesbian thought Many Colors Between Black and White Ika Hügel-MarshallMy Colors
Exhibition of Black Lesbian Artists
January 2022, Charlotte, North Carolina
Special Guest: Afro-German Aktivist & Artist
Many Colors Black and White
September 21 though October 19, 2019 •  The Word
My Colours
August 2 through Oktober 4, 2013 •  Frauenkreise